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Indigo Ag April 2020 — Now

Sofware Engineer


  • Automating bioinformatic analyses and R&D pipelines at scale via cloud native solutions.

Staple Health August 2018 — Now

Software Engineer, Contractor


  • Assisted in the design of an interactive machine learning platform used by Staple Health customers
  • Built, cleaned and maintained databases used as input to predictive models
  • Designed Natural Language Processing models to predict medical non-adherence and various diagnoses

Indigo Ag May 2019 — August 2019

Sofware Engineering Intern


  • Automated bioinformatic analyses to increase overall throughput of R&D pipelines.
  • Built scalable, cloud native infrastructure around research tools to facilitate parallelized analysis.
  • Developed pipelines for validating, storing, and ingesting R&D data into a scalable data warehouse.
  • Deployed production ready software through microservices architectures and CI/CD workflows.

Indigo Ag May 2018 — August 2018

Sofware Engineering Intern


  • Deployed R&D tools to production via a microservices architecture.
  • Developed a high throughput infrastructure forinternal tools that spins up compute resources on demand.
  • Implemented a custom pipeline for developing, testing, and deploying Data Sciences tools to end users.
  • Supported the development of modularized infrastructure across team projects.

Middlebury College January 2018 — May 2018

Computer Science Tutor & Grader


  • Workied to help students grasp Computer Architecture course concepts.
  • Provided academic assistance to students working on Computer Architecture projects.
  • Graded Computer Architecture assignments and providing feedback to both professors and students.

Indigo Ag August 2017 — September 2017

Data Sciences Consultant


  • Created more efficientresearch pipelines through the Galaxy open source bioinformatics ecosystem.
  • Developed custom solutions forthe R&D pipeline, with a focus towards open source software and AWS infrastructure.

Indigo Ag June 2017 — August 2017

Data Sciences Intern


  • Developed solutions that made informatics analysis more efficient for non-technical scientists within Indigo’s R&D department.
  • Developed and deployed a bioinformatics server that accommodated genomic and proteomic analysis and the integration of in-house tools.


  • HTML / JSX
  • CSS / Bootstrap / Styled Components
  • Material Design
  • Javascript / Typescript
  • React


  • Node
  • MongoDB
  • Rest
  • Serverless
  • GraphQL
  • Lambda


  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Heroku
  • CI/CD (CircleCI, TravicCI)
  • Automation (Semantic Release)


  • TensorFlow
  • Keras
  • PyTorch
  • Scikit-Learn
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • ggplot2
  • D3
  • Snowflake / Athena / BigQuery

Middlebury College February 2016 — January 2020

Computer Science
Bachelor of Arts (3.67)


  • CSCI 0200 - Math Foundations of Computing
  • CSCI 0202 - Computer Architecture
  • CSCI 0301 - Theory of Computation
  • CSCI 0302 - Algorithms and Complexity
  • CSCI 0312 - Software Development
  • CSCI 0315 - Systems Programming
  • CSCI 0333 - Quantum Computing
  • CSCI 0451 - Machine Learning
  • CSCI 0701 - Senior Seminar
  • CSCI 0702 - Senior Thesis
  • CSCI 1005 - Crash Course/Systems Security

Accelerating Deep Neural Networks May 2019

Published by Middlebury College

As part of my undergraduate thesis work at Middlebury College, I explored various parallelization methods aimed at accelerating the training time of Deep Neural Networks. In particular, this work compares the performance of general data parallelism and model parallelism, an expert designed method, as well a generalizable framework on the AlexNet CNN architecture.

ArchMLP: Machine Learning Platform December 2018

Published by Middlebury College

Architect Machine Learning Platform (ArchMLP) is an open source platform meant to facilitate the development and deployment of machine learning models through containerization. The platform aims to support data preprocessing, model development, hyperparameter tuning, and model serving.