Aumit Leon

Student / Software Engineer

Observing the Evolution of Music with the Million Songs Dataset

A machine learning approach to the Million Songs Dataset in which we utilize deep neural networks and K-Nearest-Neighbor clustering for year prediction, and K-Means clustering to to extract a more refined understanding of the evolution of music features over time.

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Email Spam Classification

Developed a highly accurate Support Vector Machine model that could classify emails from the preprocessed Enron Spam dataset as spam or ham (non-spam). Achieved 99.6% accuracy, best in class.


Increasing EXPEDIA's Bottom Line: Leveraging Packages to Increase Commission

A DataFest 2017 project in which we utilized the Expedia dataset to produce actionable items that would allow Expedia to optimize revenue related to the sale of package deals.

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Tutoring Forum

A tutoring forum built with the MERN stack. This site will allow tutors and teachers to answer more important course related questions while reducing the redundancy of questions asked.


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